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About Us

Building A World Without Plastics

Image by Anastasia Taioglou

At SealXX, we want to create a world in which people, animals, and all living organisms are able to live free from the detrimental effects that plastic brings to our environment. Our vision is clean water, clean air, and clean soil that can allow Earth to thrive. 


We are creating a clear, sustainable way to make the products we love and use in our everyday lives for years to come by mimicking protein-based natural processes; ultimately, we’re avoiding the environmental and health consequences by reducing the need for plastic reliance for the better of our planet.

Our Team


Nithi Byreddy

17 | Passionate about carbon capture and energy sustainability | Writer and Poet | Ice cream enthusiast | Restless to learn about innovative technology and anything interesting | Exploring and working on environmental solutions


Chandhana Sathishkumar

17 | Student | TED-Ed Speaker | Author | Innovator at The Knowledge Society | Intern at IIT-M and Alterea | Fellow at Brains@Play

Elly Peng

Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 5.44.54 PM.png

15 Hey I’m Elly. I'm a visual art major in Toronto + interested in environmental issues and exploring solutions (in the process of figuring out what exactly). I also kind of have a sweet potato addiction.

Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 5.45.06 PM.png

Roy Kim

16 Learning and working on concepts in biomimicry, space tech, BCI, and longevity. Loves listening to music, making and writing songs on his guitar and cello, reading, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Nathan Park

headshot of me.jpg

17 | Interested in blockchain technology. Created MIND Magazines, a student-run, STEAM-based journal that is dedicated to making science universally accessible to everybody. Also interested in mycology and am currently doing research in mycoremediation.

1. Authenticity

Being flexible to unexpected changes and new innovations.

Being truthful to the facts, knowing when to revise and relearn.

3. Reliability

Persisting and playing our part within the bigger picture of environmental sustainability.

4. Community

Building a positive, trustworthy, and supportive community of people.

2. Transparency

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